Venice Beach

Venice Beach Boardwalk, taken February 21, 2009. It's a composite of 4 photos. I haven't had the chance to blend in the seams yet (that will be a future article perhaps?), but I still love the aura of the photo. It's the feeling of standing on that beach boardwalk and hearing the waves and the people on the beach.

Oh, and I used Canon's freeware to do the photo stitch. What a great piece of software. It's really easy to use, and very solid as far as performance. Of course there are going to be some color gradation variants at the seams, but that's not because of the software. I'm going to use GIMP to blend in the problem areas. *EDIT UPDATE: Done! Gradations gone.

As usual, I didn't take as many photos in LA as I wanted to. But the ones that I did take, I was very pleased with.